Superiorlayer Friends

Superiorlayer Friends is a global, invite only pro-staff community of bikers and enthusiasts who like to look good, and are passionate about the best clothing in Motorcycling and who just love their bikes and outfits as much as we do.

Our Ambassadors

We are proud of every single on of them!

As a friend of Superiorlayer, you will be representing our brand and helping to spread the word about our stylish, state-of-the-art textile technologies. More importantly, we want you to be engaged and involved within our motorcycle community guiding others who don’t know about us and our mission, and making sure they know that they don’t have to make a choice between looking good and feeling safe. This is where our friends comes to the rescue.

Exclusive Deals

Firstly, you’ll get exclusive members-only deals on the Superiorlayer product line.

Promo Codes

Unique promo codes designed for you to share with friends, family and followers.

Special Events

Take part in tradeshows and special events.


You’ll get the opportunity to engage with bikers and enthusiasts, both locally and globally.


The chance to be involved in special media campaigns and social media promotions.


Finally, you get to be part of an exclusive community of likeminded motorcyclists.

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